Pros and Cons of In-House vs. Outsourced Accounting

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether to outsource your accounting function or keep it in-house. There are pros and cons to both in-house and outsourced accounting firms. It ultimately depends on the needs of your business as to which option is best for you. 

8 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business

If the blaring headlines of tech company layoffs and investors tightening their purse strings have taught us anything in the past few months, it’s that an economic downturn, or recession, is upon us. In fact, our country has faced thirteen recessions since 1945 (that’s about once every six years, on average). Our economy is constantly evolving and advancing—and yet its fluctuation is ironically the most steady constant throughout the years. The key lesson to learn here is this: Recessions will always be a part of the business cycle. 

What is Cash Flow Management and Why is it Important?

Cash flow management is the process of tracking, managing and optimizing the cash flow of a business. It is important because it allows businesses to ensure that they have enough cash on hand to meet their financial obligations, and to avoid running into financial difficulties.

You've Hired an Outsourced Accounting Firm. Now What?

Outsourced accounting is the practice of hiring an outside firm or individual to handle one's financial affairs. This can include bookkeeping, tax preparation, and other financial tasks. Outsourcing accounting can provide many benefits, including freeing up time for business owners and increasing efficiency. It can also be more cost-effective than handling these tasks in-house.

What is The Difference Between Accounting and Finance in Business?


Your Guide to Accounting Technologies

Regardless of if you’re running a small freelance accounting project in your home or work for a modern and established accounting firm, accountants have much to benefit from by leveraging accounting technologies. Choosing the right accounting technologies can help to simplify steps and processes—all while making sure you’re able to deliver the best value and experience for your customer. 

How Data Informed Accountants Help Clients

Data informed accountants are those who use data to help inform their decisions. This data can come from a variety of sources, but most importantly, it can help clients make better decisions about their finances.

When Should I Hire a Bookkeeper?

If you're self-employed or run a small business, you might have considered hiring a bookkeeper. Whether or not you should hire a bookkeeper depends on various factors, such as the size of your business, the complexity of your finances, and whether you have the time and inclination to keep track of everything yourself.

All About CPAs

All About CPAs

CPAs are certified public accountants who have passed the Uniform CPA Examination and met additional state requirements for licensure. CPAs provide a wide range of accounting, tax, and financial services to businesses and individuals.

When Should You Hire an Accountant?

There are a few key times when you should consider hiring an accountant.

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