Accounting for Trucking Companies

Over recent years, the trucking industry has faced a number of changes that have impacted its needs for finance and accounting services. While some changes have brought new opportunities for truck drivers and truck companies alike, others have brought challenges for the business. In order for a trucking company to maintain its successful business, owner-operators must think strategically about methods to maximize their money and profit while minimizing expenses and costs.

The basic bookkeeping services that trucking companies need consist of analyzing financial statements and reports like cash flow management, income statements, balance sheets, and more. In addition, trucking businesses can organize and track their financial statements and detailed reports using accounting software. Sorge CPA offers high-quality accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses across various industries as well as advice on accounting software options.



Using accounting software to manage your financial needs can help you keep track of expenses, losses, receipts, and assets. Our expertise can assist trucking companies with the financial advice and strategies they need to optimize their business functions and processes. Our financial professionals also offer tax advice for large and small businesses alike, meaning trucking companies can optimize their taxes to reach their financial goals with our help.

With years of experience providing consulting, tax services and tax planning, and the expert ability to drive businesses toward future growth in revenue and overall performance, Sorge CPA is your best choice for the financial management services you need.

We provide the following for truck drivers, trucking companies, and owner operators:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Valuation
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
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