How An IRS Online Account Can Help You

Ever wish there was an easier way to manage your tax and IRS payments? Well, you're in luck.

IRS online account balance amount by tax year

The internal revenue service (or IRS) offers a platform called IRS online account that grants taxpayers secure access to their federal tax account details. With this online service, users can observe a number of details including payment history, payoff amounts, digital copies of select notices, address on file with the IRS, recent tax returns, and other transcripts.

Not only that, but the IRS online account enables people to check the balance of what they owe for each tax year and any amounts of their economic impact payments as well. This way, taxpayers and e-services users are empowered to have a better grasp on their tax maintenance, stay up-to-date with their payments, and have the option to access their tax information online.

Speak to a tax professional to get your account up and running for easier access to your tax information through e-services. The process of setting up your account should not be difficult — You'll need to create login credentials such as a username and password. You may also need to provide tax information authorization and details like your mobile phone number for security-related two-factor authentication purposes.

Once you pass the initial authentication process and your details are set up, you should be ready to go!

Need help setting up your IRS online account? Our tax professionals at Sorge CPA are here to help you. Contact us today for more information.

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