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Audit and Assurance services can help to uphold the organizational trust and transparency within your business. Audit and assurance activities are important when it comes to maintaining trust with stakeholders, investors, and even clients. However, audits and assurance services can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to navigating the ins and outs of required disclosures, effective reporting, and regulatory requirements.

This is where Sorge CPA can help. Our team of highly experienced professionals has the skills and insight necessary to help you navigate through audit and assurance details and changes, as well as any new challenges that may arise in the future. Our audit and assurance services are continually evolving and becoming more effective. As your business works to build and maintain trust, transparency, and resilience, Sorge CPA is here to help.

Our Audit and Assurance Areas

Sorge CPA & Business Advisors, S.C. offer three types of assurance services, which increase in rigor with each level:

  • Compilations - Compilations receive information from management levels and are typically performed to serve internal functions. Compilations are the lowest level of assurance services and therefore do not extend assurance but can comprise of some accounting record changes.
  • Reviews - Reviews are the second level of assurance services and offer narrow assurance to external parties. Our approach to reviews involve some analytical processes that corroborate financial statements and records as well as determine additional elements that need further examination.
  • Audits - Audits are the most rigorous level which provide assurance to third parties and involve conducting thorough analyses as well as account balance, inventory, and transaction verifications. Audits are performed to strengthen the validity of your financial information and eliminate errors or mistakes that could exist in your financial data.

About Audit and Assurance Services

An audit is a review and assessment of information or documents relating to your business. While there are different types of audit, in the context of professional services and business, an audit is typically financial. The goal of audits is to provide assurance (reasonable but not absolute) that the financial statements of the business are in accordance with the financial reporting standards and framework.

By law, not all companies are required to have audits. Companies who are not required to have audits by law choose to have their financial statements independently audited and assured, and most companies choose accountancy firms to perform these services.

Assurance, as a service, aims to improve the quality and transparency of information in order to reduce the chance of any problems occurring as a result of misinformation or incorrect information. An audit is a form of assurance service. 

Types of Audits

Beyond financial audits, there are also operational audits and compliance audits.

Compliance audits ensure that a business or organization is acting in compliance with internal or regulatory requirements and standards. These types of audits are generally carried out in regulated industries.

Operational audits provide a detailed analysis of procedure, planning, processes, goals, and results of a business’ operations. Operational audits also usually include recommendations for operational improvements.

Why Sorge CPA?

Sorge CPA is a different kind of accounting firm, made great by our exceptional talent. We are fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit and driven to serve our community, and our industry, with conviction and vision. We offer:

  • Personalized Attention

Big or small, a cornerstone of our firm is providing each and every client with responsive and highly personalized service delivered by our experienced partners and team of more than 60 specialists.

  • Value-Added Approach

In addition to providing personalized service and a quality work product, you will also benefit from valuable insights and recommendations delivered by a team with years of experience and expertise helping clients increase efficiency and strengthen financial controls.

  • Big Firm Capabilities

Our breadth of services is on par with the larger firms allowing us to provide organizations nationwide with the broad resources and expertise to help them stay at the forefront of their industry.

Audit and Assurance Services in Wisconsin

Sorge CPA and Business Advisors, S.C. has offices in Madison, Monona, Waukesha, Oshkosh, Delavan, Watertown, Marion, and now downtown Milwaukee, our specialists work hand-in-hand with businesses and individuals to help them stay ahead of financial 

developments and guide them through the complexities of audits and assurance services.

Sorge CPA’s financial advisors and experts provide our clients with a complete spectrum of audit and assurance services that give them the meaningful information they need to make better business decisions.

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